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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year! We've been living on St. Kitts for a year now. Wow.

It's been since August since I've updated- obviously you know that. One of my resolutions this year is to try to be better at this. It got tricky to know what to write about, the novelty or honeymoon stage of being here had worn off and I felt like there was less to update about; or that I was always writing about the same things.

So anyway we've just returned to the island after an amazing two and a half weeks in New Hampshire. We saw tons of family and friends and had an absolute blast. We even got a special two-foot snow storm just for us! Here's Kater and me shoveling off the Ackerson's roof in Lyme:
We got the perfect winter fill of warm fire places, family, friends, games, and absolute silliness all the while.

One thing I realized about coming and going from St. Kitts, is that I always like it more every time I return. Before leaving I always have an incredible itch to be home in New England, I miss everything about it. Little things about the island would start to irritate me and I would lose my appreciation of this place a little bit. Once I know I'm soon to return to the island, the nostalgia kicks in and I think of all the things I like and miss about the place. Funny the way that works, that cycle.
So we're back and the weather couldn't be more perfect. When we landed the sky was just cloudy enough to take the edge off the heat, and we were so comfortable walking across the tarmac. It's wonderfully breezy- windy even- and a lower humidity than a month ago.

Since our last post, a lot has happened, but one of the best things is we are now the proud parents of two little kittens! Kater adopted two lit while I was home in the states in September (with my permission of course). We got them at four weeks old because their mother had been poisoned and the litter was found by some students. We have tons of pictures of them but here are a couple from soon after we got them, and more recent.

The black one is named Saba (the name of a neighboring island), and the grey tiger is names Scrumpy (just a name I wanted to use). They are best friends and do almost everything together; eat, sleep, fight, play. They are a constant source of laughter and we are very happy to have them.
While we were in the states a friend up the street looked after them. We were so excited to get back to them.
So currently we're working on unpacking all of our bags. We brought back a lot of food stuff and are trying to sort it all out. The kitties keep distracting us but that's ok; breaks are good.

I'll leave you with that, and like I said- I'm going to try to get better at this, regardless of how seemingly uninteresting I think the post will be.