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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello everyone and happy April. It is officially spring as you know, although nothing has changed here. The seasons don't really seem to exist except for hot and breezy and hot and not so breezy. Hopefully you all are starting to see some change in weather. Here, It's been very dry lately and the next few months will start to bring some more rain.

This past month has been moderately eventful. Kater is preparing for finals in a few more weeks, and we're both getting pretty excited for the semester to end and to get our break. We've been very lucky to be treated with a ticket to Florida so we can see my family for a week. Kater had a birthday this month! We celebrated her birthday and our anniversary with a quick trip over to Nevis to be together away from the regular routine. We took the ferry over and back which was an adventure all on it's own. I took Kater to dinner and we stayed at Nisbet Plantation and relaxed. Most of our time was spent laying by the beach or the pool doing nothing at all. The property was beautiful, right on the beach, and felt very private.
Above is a picture of the grounds going towards the water. All the cottages are scattered through out the area.
The grassy area leads down to this very nice beach.
After our little break from our routine we returned to St. Kitts on the ferry which blew an engine half way across. There was a lot of black smoke pluming and oil spattering out from the engine room! Lucky for us this particular boat had two engines so it didn't disrupt anyone's schedule. We made it home in one piece.

We got ourselves settled back into our apartment and got ready for out week ahead. We had two cats to spay! That's right, Scrumpy and Saba are officially big kids! Saba was scheduled to go first but she was such a terrible, uncooperative patient that they couldn't work with her and took Scrumpy instead. Apparently this cute, cuddly, little cat of ours becomes an abomination in the clinic. Scrumpy's spay went off without a hitch, and she returned home to us a little woozy but in good shape. Saba went back in the following week and did a little bit better but still not too great. Needless to say they got the job done and there wont be any little kittens running around here. They have recovered very well from their surgeries and seem no worse for wear.

On the school/work side of things, Kater has been on calf watch. There have been a few new calfs born on campus and she has been going in to check on them and make sure they are doing ok.
I was hired by Paula (Joli, the boxer's mom and my part time employer for dog/house sitting jobs) to help her out while her family visits the island. She had me make a schedule of things for them to do and book some fun events for them. I got to tag along as well. We went up to Brimstone Hill Fortress, we went on a rainforest safari ride, a bat-cave hike, zip lines, and a catamaran trip. They were a great group and they had a lot of fun- and I did too. I played tour guide and taxi driver for the week and showed them around while Paula had to work half days. They said they had a really great week.

I guess that will wrap up this update for now. Thanks for reading!

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