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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hey all,

Just a quick update since it's been about a week.
What's new? Well... Kater begins her second round of exams tomorrow, wish her luck. I went for my official first day at the glass studio to make beads for the turtle project. I made about 8 five sided beads from bombay blue sapphire gin bottles, what a beautiful color.
If any of you have ever watched 'Emergency Vets' on Animal Planet, one of the main people from the show is here visiting Ross. His name is Dr. Fitzgerald, you would recognize him by his glasses, white mop of hair and mustache. Tomorrow I will have the amazing opportunity of going snorkeling with him on one of our turtle research dives. I hope to have some photos. It will definitely be a great one of a kind experience.
I'm continuing to work on Sam and Jam, although progress at this point is slow. We are still waiting to hear back from publishers about "the next step".
That's all for now, not much time for a great update but one is coming this week I promise!!!

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