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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hi everyone, sorry once again about the time lapse between posts.

Kater has finished her second round of tests, and done well! We are relieved and she even has a little bit of time for fun.
This week my mom, sister, and her boyfriend TJ arrived to spend a week with us. I've spent the week showing them around the island, and taking them to our favorite places for food and fun.
We have snorkeled at Timothy Beach and saw the biggest stingray any of us had ever seen. It measured about three feet across and about five feet long! It was incredible. We swam and snorkeled at Shipwreck, Reggae, and Majors Bay too. We've enjoyed foods at Ciao's, The Sunset Cafe, Shiggity Shack, Shipwreck, Reggae, and the Marriott to name a few. A sample of the local cuisine you might say!
We spent the day today checking out sugar mill ruins, and Romney manor, as well as Brimstone Hill Fortress.
They saw the monkeys, pigs, goats, and donkeys that we've written about too... all that's missing is some sea turtles... there is still time and our hopes are high.
Stay tuned for some photos which will come soon.
The family has one more full day on the island and we plan to make the best of it!

Thanks for checking in!

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