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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good morning. It's SATURDAY and a beautiful day at that. It has been a slow week in the way of adventures, however it's been a big week for critters!

(big red crab burrowed under a pipe)
(creepy looking pelican at dusk)
(humming bird feeding)
(humming bird profile)
(humming bird from rear)
(unidentified lizard, approx. 7-8" in length)
(smaller lizard of same species, about 6")
(monarch just hatched from chrysalis)
We were finally able to get some good photos of one of our hummingbirds. We got pictures of some really cool lizards, a pelican, a crab, and another monarch butterfly hatching. Also, not on photo, I saw a whale jumping way out to sea! Something caught my eye and then I realized what it was. We (Chris and I) saw it jumping about 5 or 6 times, each time with a big splash. It was very far out, but only something as big as a whale could be seen from that far making that big of a splash! Very cool.

I've continued working on my art, one of my designs is now up online at www.threadless.com for voting. I honestly don't expect to win the contest, but it's nice to even have it accepted for judging. The submissions are judged by other artists that visit the site. You can click this link and judge my work: http://www.threadless.com/submission/253795/Will_work_for_shoes
This design challenge is in spirit of TOMS SHOES, a company who donates a pair of shoes, for every pair bought. The shoes are donated to children of third world countries who can't afford shoes. I highly recommend visiting their site and watching some of their videos. It is extremely moving and a great cause. I bought a shirt, so I could donate 1 pair of shoes.

The design of the person on the bicycle has been selected for print on the sweatshirts for the YMCA adventure program. This will help them raise money for their department so they can offer more activities to their kids.
(This is a picture of me next to a huge plant, I think possibly an agave plant or similar. This shoot has grown tremendously over the last few weeks from nothing!)
(This is the spot where Kater often studies on her breaks from class, also where we usually meet for lunch.)
Well, I guess that will do it for now. More later.

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