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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's market day at Ross once again. I picked up more fresh produce again. It's really nice to have those people come to campus. I got another dozen eggs as well.
Kater had her second exam on Monday, which was Anatomy. She feels like she did pretty well. They will get the results by the end of the week hopefully. The teachers have to score this one by hand as the test was taken in "the field" so to speak. They had to palpate and identify structures of live animals like the dog and horse, as well as speak to their hydration level and many other things I'm sure.
Today they have their third exam, in Physiology this afternoon. After that the next exam isn't until next Tuesday. Hopefully they will take a break for themselves to give the brains a rest even if only for a few hours!
Other than that, it's more of the same for me. I went for a short snorkel on Monday morning. We went out looking for new spots down in the lower peninsula but our map was lousy and we could find roads that would take us to the spots on the map. So we came back up to mid-island and snorkeled off the shore at the Marriott. They have a few real reefs out a little ways so we spent a little time there. The Marriott is on the Atlantic side, so the water is a little choppier, which lowers the visibility. I really didn't see much, except that the reef itself was very cool. It had somewhat of a mushroom shape which allows for one to swim almost under it.
Tuesday and today I've spent a little time working on the storyboard to the Sam and Jam book. Things aren't progressing quite as I had hoped but I still feel like I should linger a little while longer... It could prove to be a good opportunity for me.
This is a piece I began working on for a T-shirt for the Aviary club here at Ross. As a miscommunication, I didn't make the deadline but it was fun all the same. It's my first full computer illustration and I'm pretty happy with it so far. I have an idea for a design including a few more birds, all looking rather dorky... I'd call it 'birdnerds'. I'll post anything new that comes along.
That's all I've got for you at this point. I may go for a swim with John this afternoon. Catch you later.

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