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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It's Sunday of course... I surprised Kater with a home made card, bottle of her favorite wine, and some flowers. Simple, but nice I think. She seemed to like it.
She has made it through another week and continues to earn high marks on her exams. She has one more test to go before the mid-semester break which falls on March 1st.
For me, this past week I didn't do much adventuring. I went for a few swims and spent a better part of the week here, working on different projects. I continue to work on Sam and Jam. I have sent in the story board and the first completed page, which in turn is being sent to publishers. Now we just have to wait to hear back. I'm told they aren't the quickest about it, so who knows what that means.

In addition to posting photos here, I also add them to our Facebook albums. You can click here to view the photos there also. Sometimes I have better luck uploading to that site than to this one. It also allows me to add more photos faster too. So you may find some there that I didn't put here. Usually I post my favorites here though.

Here are the photos from this morning and the past week:
This first pic, is of a new humming bird to us! He is very small and as you can see, has a very stylish mohawk! We got a lot of shots of him, but as you know they move so fast it's not easy.
Another shot of the little guy, stretching out his wings. I wasn't ever able to capture it, but every once in a while you can see them stick their tongue out- it's pretty funny.
This is the larger, more common humming bird we have seen here a lot. Kater was able to get this one in flight, which is a hard shot to get in focus. These guys were very territorial over their flowers, chasing off a lot of bananaquits and bullfinches for their food!
Here is a funny shot of a male bullfinch taking a bath! He was getting water everywhere!
Another lizard, which I believe is an anole but have not confirmed as of yet. Most locals just call them lizards, which surprises me.
Another shot of the larger hummingbird. This one really shows off his colors in the sun.
We went for a walk yesterday and discovered these fellas. I want to say they are a type of orb spider but I'm not 100% sure. There were tons of them along the campus edge in the bougainvillea flower bushes. I was able to see some catch some flys too.
You can see this next one here has a fly in its fangs. It's amazing how fast these spiders can run from the center of the web to grab the bug.
This one is the fly wrapped up and being eaten.
I found this feather stuck in a web also... It reminds me of a dreamcatcher, or nature in reverse where a spider caught a bird in a web instead of a bird catching/eating a spider.

Not only were there lots of orb spiders to be found among the bushes, but we came across a few other interesting varieties. This here below is a type of crab spider. They are very small and with the wind here it took a lot of tries to get a picture that was clear.

These last few photos are of the bougainvillea flowers all around campus:

Well I guess the photos worked this time! I took advantage and posted as many as I could get away with. Hope you enjoy!

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