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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After that great sunrise this morning, we sat and had some coffee and did a few sudoku's before Kater was off to her second day of classes. I was able to get my Visa paperwork squared away, so I should be good to go for the next few months.
I met up with my friend Harley, also a VIP, and we took a drive over to Shipwreck beach. We sat around and had a drink, and chatted a few hours away. He drove us back to campus around 2:30pm to drop me off and pick up his son from daycare.
(Harley, his son Damon- 2yrs, and me on the catamaran trip the other day)

I went back to our place, changed, and went for a jog. Today was the first day in which we had rain, so it was relatively cool when I started running. About 15 minutes into the run the clouds began to clear and it got hot again. I zig zagged through campus and went up the huge set of stairs that runs through the middle. I was toast! You don't realize how out of shape you are until you attempt something like that. Wow... but I'm happy I did it. I'll try to go for a run a few times a week. The gym on campus should be opening in a few weeks and that will be a great way to stay active too.
Kater finished classes around 3ish. She, two other, and I, went for a walk off campus and up into the fields across the road. We saw some piglets running around and a bunch of monkeys bouncing around in the trees following them looking pretty entertained. When we got to where they were, they were gone- too bad. Not to long after we saw an American Kestrel, I got a rather lame picture of it:
I realize it looks like any old bird, but I (and Kater- the certified bird nerd in the group) agreed. I've found some crazy thorn bushes during our walks, but today I found a whopper. It would be a serious problem if one were to fall into one of these. The thorns are easily a few inches long as you can see from the picture:
We followed the trail back across the road and down towards the water. We all jumped around on the rocks and watched some boats go by. A brown booby flew by a few times, and some common terns. We saw a long large fish jump out of the water several time after a few small ones. It has been a good day for wildlife.
While sitting and enjoying the view, Kater and I decided to invite our friends over for dinner. I made rice and steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and green beans. It was a modest but tasty meal and they seemed to enjoy it. Looks like they are having anatomy books for dessert...

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