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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday... has been a good day. The usual for the morning routine; Kater up early getting organized for the day. I sluggishly follow and try to be helpful. We have coffee and putter around and then she is off for the day. I followed her out the door today to meet my friend Chris to go snorkeling. We went into Bird Rock, to a place called "Rocky's" which is a really nice little cove. The whole area is tucked away and somewhat hidden. There is a dive shop and a restaurant with a nice (small) sandy beach. Chris and I put on our gear and dove it. This particular area is great because it has a manmade jetty that protects the beach from big waves. The bottom is scattered with boulders, so it makes for a very fun snorkel spot. I saw a huge variety of different fish, shells, and coral today. The fish here are brilliantly colored, from black and yellow, to iridescent blue/purples with orange. We saw a small puffer fish but it wouldn't puff! I swam through schools of tiny silver minnow size fish, which was amazing and sometimes blinding when they turned and reflected light. We found some huge conch shells, and a few small ones. I also found for the first time ever, a sea biscuit!
It was so brittle however that it broke when i tried to pick it up... too bad. Swimming around, I got close up looks at fan coral, fire coral, brain coral, and others I don't know the name for yet. This is a place I will definitely recommend, and take visitors to. Probably one of the best so far.

After a few hours there, we packed up and headed for Shipwreck, my favorite beach spot. I've posted pics of this place before, but I am again- it's deserving.
We sat and talked with one of the bartenders for a while, then got back in the water for more snorkeling. This place has a lot less to look at but tons of sand dollars to find. Our swim was shorter than the last and we spent a little time under those wonderful palm shades, catching the breeze.
Chris and I had a little time to spare before the girls (Kater and his wife, Heather) got out of classes for the day, so we went into port to the open market area. The 'market' is rather a few produce and meat stands along the main road. There are only a few vendors selling fruits and veggies, as well as fresh fish. I bought some potatoes and chatted with the locals for a few minutes before getting back in the car for campus.
At campus, as it turns out, there were more market vendors selling the same items. Wednesdays apparently are the days when they bring food to campus for the students. Kater and I also bought fresh eggs and some hamburger, as well as tomatoes, cucumber, pineapple, and an avocado bigger than I've ever seen.
The studying began for Kater, who explains that the sheer amount of material can be a bit overwhelming at times. The 80 lbs back pack she carries around is proof that this place is no joke. She's doing great though, and staying focused. I'm trying to be as helpful as possible but taking on the everyday chores so she can focus on why she's here, TO BE AN ANIMAL DOCTOR! I'm so proud of her, she is a hard worker.

I'm writing this wishing I had more photos from the day to put visuals to my words. I will be better about it! Good night to all.

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