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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TOUCH DOWN...! Finally, the video.

It was funny enough to go through the pain of trying too many times. I hope you enjoy.

Today's Tuesday. I got out and went for a quick snorkel with Chris. Saw some new fish, blues and pinks, cool red ones with big black patches near the eyes. Crazy blues. Beautiful.
I talked to the dive shop guys for a little bit. A refresher is only 35 dollars and renting gear will only cost $15, so I may be able to afford it some time. It's not on the top of my priority list right now but it's nice to know it's reasonable.
Chris took me to the grocery story (Ram's) and I stocked up on the essentials. Got a lot of frozen veggies, and more rice, peanut butter, sugar, etc. We were over due for milk too. Most shipments of foods only come on Wednesdays so by this time some things are pretty low. The only milk available was skim, but that's ok for now.
When I got back to campus I got to work on the book. I did a half dozen sketches with color, looks like the writer likes it so I'll be going with this style I think. Here's my favorite one from today:
I'll be messing around to figure out exactly how the final product should look, but so far I'm happy with the process. I'll be adding more as they come!

Until later.

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