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Saturday, January 9, 2010

How nice it is to wake up with no agenda. We had no plans due to some changes last night. So, we had breakfast, puttered around inside and went for a walk. There is a place on campus where about 5 tortoises run around free. They are pretty big, maybe ten pounds and bigger with some nice red markings on them. We didn't get any pictures, Ross has special rules about photos on campus of buildings and animals etc. No problem though, we had fun all the same. There is also an aviary with some parrots, parakeets, and love birds. We whistles to them and tried to talk with them without much success.
After a few phone calls, we met up with some friends and got a ride to the beach. We chose Shipwreck beach today. This beach is really great and much less busy. The swimming is great, and there is a dock out in the water about 20 yards in. The only problem is that you have to be careful on your walk in because there can be a lot of coral in certain places. Some is can be a little sharp and in a few spots far to one side there are urchins.
Our friend John (who will be in classes with Kater) and I went snorkeling. We found lots of sand dollars and some pretty cool sunken metal objects. The best way to describe them would be to say it looked like a giant bowling ball, with the holes in it, only with more than 3 holes. Inside were lots of fish and shells and things. They were easily bigger than 3 feet in diameter, and must have weighed a ton as they were at least 4-5 inches thick of solid iron.
For some unknown reason there were quite a few dead fish in the water and on the shore. One of the big frigate birds came down and picked one out of the sand right in front of us. It was pretty cool.
As we were leaving for our taxi, we saw a bunch of monkeys and a few mongoose. I wasn't able to get any photos of the mongoose but I got plenty of the monkeys.

That's all for tonight, stay tuned...

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