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Friday, January 15, 2010

Good morning, another beautiful day greets us.
I got up to take a few pictures and then made some coffee, and hard boiled eggs for Kater's breakfast. We finished what was left of the coconut (not much). I have some laundry going and I'll be trying to clean up here a little before I go anywhere. I've been thinking about walking down to the water to sit and draw for a while, maybe take some more pictures.
Nothing much to comment on so far today, I just wanted to put up a couple pictures. Currently the weather is 81 degrees with a breeze from the ESE of about 10 mph. It's sunny with a few scattered little clouds. The UV index today is a 2 right now which is very low. It has been up to 8 the past few days, or "the few days gone" as they would say here. The forecast says we might get a scattered shower this afternoon, but I would doubt it. It almost always says that and we've only had rain once.
This afternoon: Maybe a walk, the VIP group is getting together for flag football, looking for more coconuts! Who knows.
That will be it for now. More this evening.

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  1. I miss you Krater and Ryan!! Thanks for all the amazing updates!:) xoxo