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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome back. I just got back from another run. I went out at sunset this time- that's the key, running once it gets cool out.
So.... What's new here... Well, Saturday wasn't the most eventful of days. Kater and friends did a lot of studying and sometime after the last blog update, we went to see the dogs on campus. PAWS, (People for Animal Welfare on St. Kitts), hosted a meet and greet event/ open house. We showed up to meet some of the shelter dogs available. Kater quickly fell in love with a girl named Brimstone:
Brimstone was brought to PAWS after being found hit by a car. She's been through a lot and several surgeries. She is the sweetest thing and very affectionate. I spent some time with several of the dogs, but found myself falling for Ellie, who no longer has a picture available on the website unfortunately. She has been with PAWS for over a year, and really needs a home. We of course are not in the position to foster because we're in the dorms, but I think I would like to look after a dog while I'm here and have the time and opportunity to give on my full attention. It is also an incredibly simple but effective way to bump up the security of a household, as locals are afraid of dogs in general.
We also spent a little time with a new batch of puppies:
There were four girls and one boy, all very cute and cuddly. They were so sleepy from so much action all day they didn't leave much of an impression. Kater and I will have to fight over Brimstone or Ellie!
Later that evening we all got together in the lounge to watch a movie and give the students a break from the books. We had some laughs and we hit the hay.
Sunday, Kater, Jon and I went down to meet the Swim Club at Timothy Beach. We carpooled over to Shipwreck and swam just over a mile back to Timothy Beach.
During the swim, we saw lots more jellyfish, and a 6-sided sea star. We also saw another small sea turtle. Kater thinks it was a hawks bill, and I think it was a green. Either way, it was very exciting and we had a good time.
We returned to the apartment and I made us another breakfast like Saturdays.
The afternoon was spent with a nose in the books for Kater, in preparation for her first test tomorrow. I just returned from a run, which brings me back to where I started. Time to start dinner.
That's it for now.


  1. I just got caught up here--sounds like you are on an amazing adventure!!! I look forward to hearing more! love you both!

  2. Love the puppies!!! I just started looking at your blog and it's great! Feels like we are closer to you guys down there! Miss you, can't wait to see you at the wedding!!!