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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 1 and 2

We made it! We got to the airport around 4am and after some obstacles like having to condense 5 bags into 4, we figured it all out. Then, due to the snow and ice we had a 30 minute delay to Miami for de-icing the plane... which naturally caused us to be late to Miami. We had 15 to run across the airport to catch our connecter. After realizing how out of shape we are, we made it- barely. Both flights were smooth and easy and we arrived to 82 degrees and sunny. Our orientation guide met us outside the airport after going through customs (which was a cinch). We were taken back to campus to unpack and get settled in our room. I will be posting photos very soon, right now I just figured out where to pick up the wireless so I just wanted to check in briefly. For now I'll put it this way... we can see the ocean from our window! It's a small 2 bedroom apartment and everything works. We have plenty of space and storage for the few items we have.
Our orientation group is great. Today we are going on an island tour at 9:15am and we'll follow that by going to a few of the beaches. We will take lot's of photos and I will be posting a lot tonight. One last thing, by the way, we are 1 hour ahead of eastern time... Good, OK- until tonight.

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  1. Hey guys, good to hear from you! I will be home for most of the day if you get on skype or just post pictures. I have already checked this way too much! Haha, love you and miss you already.