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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy sunday. Didn't go to volleyball, still not sure if others went. After cleaning I spent a while online checking on graphics jobs etc. Got an email back about the children's book and if I'm understanding all the info correctly it looks like a really good investment of my time and will make some money on it too! I'll keep an update going on that one as I learn more.
The weather broke and I went for another run. I hope I can keep it up, it's been fun. The gym here should be opening this week if everything is on track. That will be nice to get back into a routine again. A few of my VIP friends are looking forward to going too so I'll have company. About 10 minutes into my run it started to pour again. It was great. Windy, rainy, makes a normally hot/sweaty task pretty tolerable. When I got back Kater had heard back about an available apartment to look at so I cleaned up and we took off.
West Farm, as it's called, is a small cluster of apartments about 200 yards down the road (west) of campus. If we do or don't get a car it wont matter because it's so close. It's got a good record for safety, and it's really convenient to walk to campus if one needed to. It's also right next to Ross security too so if someone needed them it would be fast! Nearly all residents are students and the square footage is pretty big too.
We looked at a nice one bedroom with a yard. The owner had 2 cats, and you would never know. It was very clean and open. The kitchen, living room, and dining room is one large space, with about 9 ft ceilings. There are lots of windows and all have bars (door too) for extra security. It shares one wall with a neighbor, and our friend John is really interested in it so we may luck out and have a good neighbor. The bedroom is large, and the bathroom is average size. Overall its great, and we will be pursuing it, cross your fingers for us.
Both cats and dogs are allowed which will be nice if we want to foster or adopt.
We're going out for a walk to see the tortoises! Here's a few pics from the day.

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