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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I have tamed my first coconut! My hands are sore, even bleeding in a few spots. I feel that cracking into a coconut is kind of like a lobster, it takes some fighting but it's always worth it. You definitely appreciate it more, having had to work for it.
I found the coconut while helping my friend Harley take care of his neighbors dog. She (his neighbor) has been away for a few weeks so Harley has been looking after the dog, Buster. In the back yard were a few palm trees, and many coconuts scattered around. I shook the first one I saw and heard the milk inside- the mission was on!
I've known about an abandoned jeep at the bottom of the parking lot near our building. The jeep only has the windshield, and all other windows are missing. I spotted a machete in there a few days back when I was out for a walk, so I borrowed it today.
I felt like I was splitting kindling back home, hacking over and over again into the thick husk. After possibly 20 minutes, I finally had the husk off and cut a small hole at the top, I could hear a whoosh of air into the coconut when I finally got through.
When I got back into the apartment I grabbed a glass and filled it about half way with the milk, Kater was first to try it.
It was good!
I spent another 15 minutes cracking the rest of it and prying the meat from the shell. I cut my thumb on the sharp edge in the process. Finally, I was able to separate all the pieces and rinse them off. I put them in a container as a snack for later. If Kater can help herself from eating it all tonight, she might be able to take some to class tomorrow.
This may be the best tasting coconut I've ever had. And there is more where that came from!

Otherwise today, I went out to Reggae Beach with Harley and his son Damon, to show his sister in law around the island. She's here until Sunday on a short vacation.
Reggae Beach, is part of Cockleshell beach, at the far end of the island. It is well know for it's large (600 lbs) pig named Wilbur:

I've never seen Wilbur do anything other than sleep... but rumor has it that he'll occasionally walk down to the water to splash around. You'll notice in the picture the other, smaller pig. I don't know his name but he is a jerk! He hassled us today for no reason, following us around and grabbing at my shorts and trying to pull my ID out of my pocket. We shoed him away several times and he left for a while. Not long after, though, he returned and continued his harassment! He went over to Jen's (Harley's sister in law) bag and starting shaking it around. He was really a piece of work, and after he was done with us he was being a nuisance to other beach goers too.
I have to say, it was pretty funny. I've never been hassled by a pig before, especially a sea-pig:
This guy must have had his fill of messing with the people, because he decided to cool off and splash around for a few minutes before disappearing back into the shade behind the shacks.
I spend nearly all my time under an umbrella today, due to a little too much sun yesterday. I did take a quick dip to cool off, but mostly I hung out with little Damon while he played in the sand.

On our way home, I stopped at the grocery store for some milk and cereal. I got back right around the time Kater was getting out of class, and we met up for a very short walk. We returned and that is when I began to tackle the coconut, and the rest is history!

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  1. That is so funny about the sea pig. I was laughing. And that coconut looks reallllyyy good!