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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today was a relaxing day. We all allowed ourselves to sleep in as much as possible, and to wake up on our without any alarms.
After a leisurely start, we called our driver Phil and went down to the Marriott to use the pool and relax in some shade. We thought it would be nice to get some sun/shade without the sand today. The pool is lagoon like, and varies in depth but doesn't get much deeper than 5 feet. Around the pool are several bars and grills offering pretty much whatever you could want.
We all basically sat around and enjoyed the breeze. The idea was for the students to have one more stress free day before classes start tomorrow.
On our way home our driver insisted that he buy us all a drink at his favorite place. Phil took us to the Rock Lobster, which is a little bar/grill with a nice seafood menu and a view of Timothy Beach (I believe it is). We sat and socialized for a little while, Phil expressed interest in having me do some lettering for his van which will say "proper ting," a caribbean phrase. I'm not sure but I would venture to guess it means something along the lines of "the real thing, or the real deal," etc.
Back on the road we went, and yet again Phil slowed the van, only this time for a disheveled looking man selling sugar cane. We all experienced sugar cane in the raw for the first time. It was a dozen stalks prepared for eating and cut into 8inch lengths. One enjoys this treat by biting into it and sucking the juice. It's an incredibly dense stalk which allows it to retain a lot of water. With a little effort you can bite down and release the sweet water, or chomp of a chunk and chew it. Just spit the pulp when your finished! It was pretty good. Phil said if you let it get stale (after a few days) it will taste like rum.
When we got back to campus Kater went off to print some things for her classes, and I got to work on making dinner. I cooked rice and green beans, and tossed the green beans in some roasted fresh garlic. It was pretty tasty.
None of us have much in the way of plans for the evening, except for staying on campus. We'll probably get together for cards or a movie.

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