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Monday, January 11, 2010

Today begins Kater's official training in the field of veterinary medicine! I attended her 'White Coat Ceremony' where all the students took the veterinary oath, and were given the coat that they would begin their journey with. The ceremony was very much a graduation, only shorter. Each students name was read and they went on stage and received their coat.
(Kater, John, & Kalahari, right after ceremony)
(Left to right: Susan, Kristina, Kater, Kalahari, Erica, Lance, Becca, Penny, Sarah, & OL Chrissy)

Afterwards there was a reception outside and we took more photos of the group. There was food and drinks, As we started to leave, we felt a few rain drops and a rainbow appeared, I'm thinking it's a good omen for this class.
(Hard to see, but look closely and the rainbow is there)
We watched another beautiful sunset as we walked back to our building.
Kater is busy studying. I've been checking in on her every once in a while- she's very focused.
While Kater was at classes today, I met with my VIP(very important partners) group and got to know some non-students. We talked about life on the island for spouses, supporting each other and our partners, keeping active and staying involved. It was a good meeting, I feel good about the people I'll be spending some time with.
After the meeting, I did some laundry, took out the garbage, and got to work on some art projects. My first was creating an avatar image for Kater's cousin Hans, who will be using it to represent him during his presentations. I'm working on a few versions, and it's been fun. I'm hoping that his colleagues will be interested and want one of their own.
I'm setting up a routine and work schedule to keep busy and focused on my art, I'm hoping the free time will allow me to strengthen my skills and learn new ones. My goal is to be able to transition into the graphic arts field when we return to the states.

Tomorrow Kater has a full day of classes, and labs. I'll be heading out to spend some time with, and get to know more of my fellow VIPs.
I guess that's for now.

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  1. My eye is actually much smaller in real life, just in case any blog readers were wondering ;)

    Congratulations, Kater! Good luck!