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Monday, January 18, 2010

(low clouds in the mountains)
(same hill on a clear day)

So I believe I last left off with the turtles... excuse me, tortoises! Here's the photos from yesterday. I have tried once again to post a video of the tortoise, but I'm quitting because it just isn't working right now.

Today (Monday) I put my nose to the 'grind stone' and put some hours into researching cat expressions, and poses. I sketched for a few hours and worked on one illustration. I think I need to either get faster or change my approach because I don't think the current way will be very efficient unless I can complete one a day.
Afterwards I made Kater lunch and met her at the student union building to sit with her and eat. I went back home and met up with Harley to go for a drive and take some pictures of Timothy Beach Resort, where my mom and sister will be staying while they visit us. It looks really nice, I think they will like it!
We sat in the shade for an hour or two, I had a carib and we headed back for campus.
Kater had a long day. One of her teachers offered an extra session and she had a quick club meeting too. When she came home I got some rice, veggies and cheese going. It turned out to be so good I took pictures, (which also won't load tonight).
We took quick walk to the "wedge," the school store that has most basic essentials, for something sweet. We are all out of anything sweet in the apartment until tomorrow when I go to the store. Wednesday is when the market guy comes into campus so I'll stock up on a weeks worth of fruits and veggies then.
Plans for tomorrow are some snorkeling, grocery shopping, back to check on Kater, and a scuba club meeting (just for info, probably too expensive for me at this point).
Well I suppose that's it for tonight. I had lots more photos to share but it will have to wait.

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