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Monday, January 4, 2010

Campus Orientation:

Monday morning, 7:30am we started off our orientation schedule with breakfast. At 8 we started the walk around, which is a little confusing so far. The campus is built on a slight grade down towards the cliffs just over the ocean. The buildings are staggered, some connected with an intricate network of pathways, and stairways leading to and from everywhere. There are a lot of beautiful trees and flowers everywhere. Scattered throughout are little food shacks and shady areas to sit and relax, almost always with a view of the water. We've seen a lot of birds, including the bullfinch, cattle egret, magnificent frigate bird, and some unidentified humming birds. We have yet to get any good photos so far however, but stay tuned- we will!
We're really enjoying it here. Campus is beautiful and they are really working hard building new state of the art classrooms hooked up with all the goodies like wireless, cable, etc. We were taken around to the classes, auditoriums, offices. We saw the dog kennels and the livestock areas. They also have a bird aviary as well. Kater and I spend the last few hours getting VISAs set up, having ID tags made, and finishing all the necessary bank needs, and paperwork taken care of- it's been busy.
Today's weather has been low 80s, with a really nice breeze, maybe 8-12mph from the south eastern direction. In a few minutes Kater and I will head back out with our group to go down town. We're going to convert our money to EC (easter caribbean) dollars finally, and grab a light lunch. I'm sure I'll be making another post later tonight after we settle back in.

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