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Sunday, January 17, 2010

We woke up to some crazy wind and rain! 73 degrees and wind constant around 17-20 mph, although I think we've had some bigger gusts. I had volley ball scheduled for today at noon, but with this weather I seriously doubt anyone is there.
Well I'm happy to say a video finally uploaded to Blogger! Normally our connection makes it too slow and it takes too long or not at all. Enjoy, there won't be a lot unfortunately.
I finally found the mop/bucket so I just did a once over of our place. The floors are nice and shiny and clean now. There was a lot of dust from the previous tenant, and all that we brought to it as well.
This afternoon we're going to West Farm; an apartment complex right next to campus. We went to a dinner party there last week and the apartments are really nice. We have to act fast and take them really soon so we don't lose out. Kater knows someone in her 7th semester who will be moving out and is going to show us around. Wish us luck.

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