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Sunday, January 3, 2010

*There will be lots of pictures I can't upload to this blog, as it takes quite a while. So to see more click this:

OK! Day 2 complete, we have internet in our apartment and the photos are coming. Today was a big day. We started off with an island tour in our interesting van/taxi:
This thing took us around the island, often at break-neck speeds, for a tour of Island Main Road. We headed west from campus and passed areas such as "bloody point," and "black rocks," as we drove through many small towns or villages.
Some areas are definitely in rough shape and others looked pretty nice. People seem friendly so far and we are still trying to decipher the road language of beeps and flashing lights. Apparently honking as you pass is a good thing... more like a hello. Not what we are used to from being in Boston. We drive on the left, so that's another adjustment too.
Black Rocks was our first stop on the tour. It gets its name for obvious reasons, but came about from old volcanic activity. It was an absolutely beautiful spot with lots of rocks I wanted to climb (not safe, don't worry). We went all the way around the Pacific coastal side with nice views of Mt. Liamuiga (the volcano) and other smaller mountains.
As the island narrows, the pass becomes steep where the road switch-backs up and over to Frigate Bay. This side of the island is where the really nice houses and hotels are. It was absolutely beautiful and we heard Mic Jagger has a place over there that he frequents quite often.
This lead us to "Reggae Beach" where we spent most of the day swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing. Kater and I had Conch Fritters for lunch, a Mango-rita, and a few Carib beers. Great stuff.
After all that sun we drove back to campus to shower and rest up. We changed and relaxed, skype'd with my family and went back out for dinner at a beach bar. I had a "cheese-burger in paradise" and Kater had some veggies and rice. Great meal and conversations with some new friends from our group. We've got students here from all over the country, and one from Africa.
That's going to be enough for tonight I think... Tomorrow orientation begins. We'll start with breakfast on campus and then a campus tour, after that who knows!

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