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Sunday, January 17, 2010

We saw the tortoises and they have been named. Someone (their caretaker) has put name tags on their shells and shellacked it on. Some of the names are, Madonna, Percy, Speedy, Isabelle, Bertha, Lula, Miss Piggy, Marty.. There may be more but we haven't found them yet.
I'll be trying to place a video of one of the tortoises eating a hibiscus flower. They absolutely love them and will eat them right from your hand. At the moment my connection is poor and I can't add any videos or pictures. I'll try in the morning.
When we were about done playing with these guys, a few of our friends showed and we ended up chatting for a few minutes, during which it began to rain again. We held out under the roof awning while wind blew rain sideways right at us. At least it as around 70 degrees still.
When it finally settled down we were able to head back across campus to our apartment. We had a few people over to play cards and I made Kater and myself tomato, avocado, and cheese omelets. I've had better, but these weren't too bad.
Everyone pretty much retired early tonight, here it is only 9:07 pm and I'm already ready for bed. Must be the dreary weather, and basically no sun today.

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